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CMI International Holding 
CMI International Holding
CMI is a private company limited by shares. CMI has a term of 10 years. CMI received capital commitments of USD125 million from leading international institutional and private investors such as, amongst others, the Dutch pension fund, ABP, the US investor financial services organization, TIAA-CREF, the government-owned fund, CDC Group, established microfinance funds like Gray Ghost Microfinance Fund and ResponsAbility as well as a number of other private investors from mainly Europe and the United States.


The Global Health Committee (GHC) had its beginnings in 1994 as the Cambodian Health Committee (CHC), which began its work in the tuberculosis (TB) wards of three district hospitals in rural Svay Rieng province in eastern Cambodia, bordering Vietnam. With an expansion to Africa, the Global Health Committee name was established in 2008 to reflect its worldwide focus. In Cambodia, the name CHC continues to be used.
CHC has treated more than 32,000 people infected with TB in Cambodia, and today provides primary HIV care for more than 4,300 adults and 1,000 children in Svay Rieng, once devastated by the Vietnam War, and Kompot, another war-impacted province where the Khmer Rouge actively fought until 1997, and in Phnom Penh, the capital city. When CHC first arrived in Svay Rieng it had one of the highest rates of TB in the world


CARD Inc was organized in 1986 as a social development foundation and began operations as a rural bank in selected branches by 1997. To date, CARD-MRI operates in 40 provinces all over the Philippines, with CARD Bank having 42 branches nationwide.

Individual Investors

  Dr. SOK Thim
  Dr. CHIV Bunthy
  Dr. Jaime Aristotle B.ALIP
  Mr. KING Kap Kalyan
5   Mr. Camilo G. CASALS 3.33%


 No  Shareholder  Shareholding
 1  CMI International Holding
 4  Dr. SOK Thim
 5  Dr. CHIV Bunthy
 6  Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. ALIP
 7  Mr. KING Kap Kalyan
 8  Mr. Camilo G. CASALS



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